Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Home from Santa Monica

We arrived home late on Monday from the Contemporary Craft Market show in Santa Monica, and unpacked as quickly as possible to get things into the house or garage before the predicted rain.

The show was slow, sales-wise, and we're very happy to be home. Oddly enough, a slow show is more tiring than a busy one! Here are a couple of images of the booth. Horrible lighting for the camera, and I'd never consider the cell-phone's built-in camera my first choice for photography!

First, Mike with his wonderful lathe-turned wood, with multilayer pieces on the wall behind his work, then me (looking very tired) modeling one of the Fire Series scarves, and last a shot of the scarf rack laden with (left to right) Fire Series, Wood Series, Feather Series, and Water Series pieces.

We were lucky in that what was supposed to be an 8x12-foot booth space turned out to have the potential for spreading out along an adjacent wall. The wall has a fire hose unit on it, which can't be blocked, but as long as we didn't erect booth walls in front of it, the fire marshal didn't object to a rack of scarves. So we expanded as far as possible. However, the booth was located near the back of the hall, and it always seemed that even when there were crowds of shoppers toward the front of the hall, not so many people found their way back to us. Or if they did, they'd already spent their budget by the time they reached us.

I'm looking forward to getting back to the studio and getting the painted-warp Water Series project on the loom.


Alice said...

The gradation of color from warm to cool in your scarf display is so beautiful. I wish I had seen it in person.

maureen said...

I love the adventure of reading your blog, which i check on daily, just wanted to thank you for posting and keeping me inspired, am writing today to say that your booth is REALLY impresssive.

Taueret said...

your stall looked so beautiful! I would have taken my other purchased back for refunds so I could spend it all on one of your scarves!

shirleytreasure said...

Hi Sandra,
I think your presentation, like your weaving is so beautiful. I love the scarf rack, is it your own design?
Who is on a weaving break due to a broken ankle :o(