Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Glimpse of Water Series #1, and the Beginning of #2

Here's a view of the first scarf in the series as it wends its way under the loom to the cloth storage beam at the back.

The second scarf in the series is another example of how the cloth changes depending on the angle of viewing and angle of light. In the following three pictures, I didn't change the light source or the camera settings, only the position of the camera.

From the center, looking up the warp toward the reed:

From the left side of the loom:

And the right side of the loom:

It always amazes me how the pattern is so much less distinct from some angles. BTW, the weft here is the light aqua skein. Even though the weft is much finer than the warp (100/2 vs. 60/2), and woven at a much lower density (34 ppi vs. 72 epi), it influences the color of the cloth a lot.


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Anonymous said...

Loving this warp
nursing a broken ankle :o(

Geodyne said...

I'm just in awe at what you've managed to achieve with this warp.

And in serious shaft envy!