Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things to Do While DH Works on Loom

Whenever the loom needs a tuneup, mechanically or electronically, I turn to other tasks to fill the time until it's weaving-ready again.

I've heard some folks on the Dyer's List moan that it's not possible to do LWI on silk using acid dyes that give the same crystalline patterning as you get with MX dyes in an alkaline environment.

Sorry, when I hear that, my hogwash filter springs into action...

One of the projects I worked on while DH tuned the shaft lifting system was some silk scarf blanks from Exotic Silks in Los Altos. They'll provide some lower-cost items to carry in the booth at the KPFA show in San Francisco in December.

My method:

1. Launder blanks.

2. Soak blanks in a 50/50 solution of household vinegar and water.

3. Scrunch blank in a pyrex or other microwavable container.

4. Pour dyes over blank (either Washfast Acid Dye or Lanaset/Sabraset or a combination of both).

5. Smoosh blank thoroughly to ensure it's thoroughly saturated with dye.

6. Cover container with plastic wrap or loose-fitting lid.

7. Nuke in 1-minute bursts, 4 to 5 times, until the liquid is close to clear. I usually have at least 4 containers going, and rotate them through the microwave.

8. Cool, then launder gently again. Press while still damp.

Works for me!

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Peg in South Carolina said...

I had not seen that bit of "mis-information" on the dyer's list. I'm glad you've got a good hogwash filter!