Saturday, November 15, 2008

First of the Painted Warp Water Series Scarves

After a day of other tasks, among which was for DH to replace some of the worn pulleys in the shaft lifting system he built for me, I was able to tie the Water Series warp onto the front apron and begin weaving. The weft on this scarf is the sort-of-navy-with-green-undertones skein.

Here's the cloth I saw when I wove the first 6-8 inches of the scarf. Because the weft is similar in value to one of the colors in the painted warp, what you see is mostly the design line that particular warp is threaded in. It has a very steep advancing twill that varies in steepness on a mathmatical progression, and is woven with a liftplan that has zigzags in varying sizes - they grow then shrink, then grow again (but starting on a different treadle than the first "grow" stage). At this end of the warp, the painted warp is royal blue.

And here's another glimpse after I'd woven about 1000 picks:

By this point, the painted warp is a teal green, with no distinct line between the green and the preceding blue because I mixed an intermediate color and bridged between the blue and green with that.

At this point, I've woven about half the scarf, and the color shifts in the painted warp are so gradual, they are almost imperceptible.

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Alice said...

Gorgeous! Very watery.