Friday, November 28, 2008

Tim and Gracie

Tim has finally accepted that Gracie's here to stay. At first, he kept looking at me as if to say "Well, when're you gonna take her back where she came from?" But now, he's figured out it's okay to play with her, and he puts up with a lot of harassment before he finally has had enough and asks to go outside.

Gracie, on her part, just adores Tim and wants whatever he's got. If he's lying on the stairs, so is she. Typical kid sister! Tagging along whether she's wanted or not.

If Tim's in my lap, that's where she wants to be. If he's snacking, she's hungry, too. Competitive eating is an Olympic sport in this house. Gracie has grown a lot since we got her mid-October, but Tim still has a major size advantage, which he puts to good use during wrestling matches. All it takes is one paw to hold her down, then he's free to tease her with the other three. She seems to start all the matches, and refuses to give in to superior strength. Of course, she's also the one who yells the loudest, "Mom, he's picking on me!!!" as she swats him in the face.

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Leigh said...

They remind me of my two cats *lol* Eventually Tim will hopefully get used to her!