Monday, December 01, 2008

Water Series Scarves Off the Loom...

but not yet fringed or wet-finished. However, even though they're not done, I wanted to take some photos to show the color gradations resulting from using a painted warp as one layer of an interleaved threading.

#1 used the royal blue weft:

#2 used the light aqua weft:

#3 used the teal weft:

and #4 used the blue-violet weft:

I like the way the design becomes more (or less) distinct when the weft color is closer in hue to (or more different from) the painted warp color at any given point.

I'm still not sure whether the extra effort was worth it from a purely economic standpoint, but Imust admit that in the back of my mind I'm wondering what the results would be with two painted warps, each in a somewhat different colorway, one light and one dark. Hmmm.......

That probably won't happen for a while, though!

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Katherine Regier said...

Oh so gorgeous!!! I love following your exploration of color and textures. I, too, am always torn about if I can afford to do the extra special work in my for-sale pieces (which is just about everything these days). Especially, in the current economy.