Friday, November 07, 2008

Warping the Next Water Series

Here's where I was yesterday morning:

The solid color warp is beamed on the sectional beam, with 36 ends in all the middle sections, and 38 or 39 in the two outer sections, to get me to the total number of blue ends I need for solid selvedges, and then alternating threads in the body of the cloth.

The painted warp is beamed on the plain beam, below the sectional. I wound the warp with a few extra ends, so that I have matching ends to splice in if there are any knots or breaks in the painted warp.

When I put warp on the plain beam, I use what's called "roof sheathing" at the big-box hardware store as warp separator. As one might guess, it's intended to be used under a shake roof. It is very stiff paper that keeps the layers on the beam from cutting through to the layer beneath so it maintains tension nicely, it doesn't take up as much room as warp sticks, and it's infinitely reusable. I bought one 36-inch-wide roll nearly 8 years ago, sold off lengths to other weavers in my guild, and still have a goodly supply left.

Since I took the picture, I've put lease sticks in to hold the crosses of both warps, and hung the sticks from the sides of the loom just behind the shafts.

This weekend, I'll begin threading. However, this weekend is also the Central Coast Weavers Guild annual gallery show and sale, and I'm signed up to work at the sale on Saturday afternoon, so it'll probably be Sunday before I get back to the loom.

More pictures to follow, as the project progresses.

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