Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Twisting Fringes

In a comment on the previous post, Matt asked "Do you use one of those battery-operated hair twisters to ply your fringe? I got one, but the clips wouldn't grip at all on some 30/2 silk fringe I tried twisting."

Yes, I use one of those. You can see pictures here. I'm working with warp yarns in the range of 30/2 Tencel (12,600 YPP) to 60/2 silk (15,000 YPP), so the gripping problem was a big issue until DH found the solution. To make sure the hooks hold fine threads, coat the hooks with the gritty paint that's sold for stair treads, etc. Check the paint department of your local DIY store.

DH coated the first two pairs of hooks soon after I bought the twister, almost 2 years ago. I used the first pair until a couple of weeks ago, at which time the paint had worn away such that the hooks wouldn't grip any more. So now I'm on the 2nd pair of hooks, and DH has a couple of years' leeway before he'll have to reapply paint to the original pair.

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