Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Studio Companion

Here's what I see of Gracie as I work at my fringe-plying stand:

She's not crazy about the noise of the loom, and the battery-operated fringe twister must have a harmonic sound in her range of hearing (but not mine) that bothers her a bit. However, she's such a lap hound that if the lap heads toward the studio, she's inclined to tag along, you know, just in case.

Mostly she sits in my lap, purring contentedly. She's learning that wiggle-worms or cats who can't resist playing with fringes get dumped unceremoniously on the floor. A cat having a bath in my lap is rather difficult to work around...

And turnabout being fair play, if I'm too wiggly for her taste, for example, up and down checking on dyepots between plies, she'll hop down voluntarily and go perch on a windowsill to enjoy the view.

I'm half-way through the fringe on Painted Warp Water Series scarf #1, so I should have pictures of it in a final, wet-finished state soon.


callybooker said...

If my cat sees me sitting in my "spinning chair" she heads straight for my lap, then gets stroppy with me because my knees are going up and down. It's no wonder I don't get much spinning done.

matt said...

Do you use one of those battery-operated hair twisters to ply your fringe? I got one, but the clips wouldn't grip at all on some 30/2 silk fringe I tried twisting.