Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blue Towel Warp in Progress

The blue towel warp is about 2/3 beamed, and should be all done today. Here's an in-progress shot:

Here's a close-up showing the bout going through the capped comb on the stationary arm of the warping wheel and onto the sectional beam:

One of the things I added to DH's basic design for the warping wheel is an extra cup hook. There was already one hook, from which the comb cap hangs while I wind warp onto the wheel. I wanted another for my little scissors, so they're always right where I need 'em, when I need 'em. Before, when it came time to cut the bout and start beaming it, I'd have to search for the scissors. "Damn, where'd I put 'em this time?" Now I know where they are.

I have several pairs of these little Fiskars babies. Maybe 4 inches long overall. With their curved blades, they're perfect for snipping off a knotted warp end flush with the web without getting the points dangerously near the web. I keep a pair by the warping wheel, one in the tool holder on the big loom, and one on the sewing desk.

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