Friday, January 16, 2009

Previous Warp Towels Finished

All the towels from the last warp are washed, pressed, and hemmed. Here's a group pose:

And close-ups:

One of those is my design (the darker green plaited twill) and the others are from The lighting wasn't ideal - it was dark out, and I was in too much of a hurry to play with white balance on a camera that doesn't remember settings from one session to the next or to futz with Photoshop adjustments - so the off-white warp looks pinkish or yellowish in some shots.

I'm in the process of winding the next warp, using denim blue 20/2 cotton sett at 48 epi, which should be good for 5-end satins. The selvedges will be basket weave, but to help account for the difference in take-up between a 4-end structure and a 5-end structure, it'll be a 3/2 basket (each block 3 ends wide and 2 picks tall) instead of 2/2. Or, I may try a 3/3 basket plus one end of plain weave at the very edge, to act like a floating selvedge... hmmm. It won't change the number of ends, just the threading, so I don't need to decide immediately.


moiraeknittoo said...

Every time I see your work I sigh happily and think to myself, "Some day, if you are very lucky, you'll be able to make things as beautiful as this woman's work." But only if I'm *really* lucky, I think.

Gwen said...

Those are so beautiful! I hope that I can weave like that someday...