Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Satin Towels 8, 9, and 10

The warp is rolling along. Here's #8, with a red-violet weft in mercerized 20/2 cotton:

And #9, using the blue-violet mercerized 30/2 cotton weft I dyed initially to use in the hems, but decided was too dark and saturated to match the warp. This draft, at a distance, looks much like the one I used for #10, but #9 only has 3 of the satin variations in it, while #10 has all 4.

And here's #10, which has a light blue (with a green tinge) mercerized cotton weft labeled as "600/3" which weighs in at 14,000 yards per pound, somewhat finer than the 30/2 which is 12,600 ypp. With this grist, it's really easy to square the pattern!

And #10 in close-up. You can see all the satin variations at work here. It may not look like the same cloth, because of the color. Sorry, it's that old digital camera, trying hard to make things more confusing than they really are... I'll need to replace it soon.

BTW, I had the numbers scrambled in the post about odd yarn count sizes. The one labeled "600/3" is 14,000 ypp, and the one labeled "500/2" is 16,000 ypp. I still don't know what count system this is, but hey, life needs mystery, doesn't it?


BVertner said...

Your work is so inspiring that I check your blog each morning.

Jen E said...

Wow. These are beautiful!

Lynnette said...

Holy smokes, that's some fine yarn. Looks wonderful and a wee bit daunting.

neki desu said...

the ways of yarn are inscrutable.

neki desu