Monday, April 06, 2009

Weaving the Pink Towels

Back at the loom, I've begun weaving the pink towels. Towel #1 has a border of the "kikyo" design posted here. Because the weft is a pale blue-violet, almost the same value as the warp, the border pattern doesn't show up really well, but in wet finishing the difference in texture between warp-faced and weft-faced areas will become more prominent. If you click the image to display a larger version, and look at the left part of the border, you'll have better luck.

Towel #2 is in progress:

Can you see the pattern? Hmmm. Neither can I. But with a closeup from a different angle, the design (draft shown here) starts to appear. Again, click the image to see the larger version.

This has the same pale blue-violet weft as towel #1. I'll weave one more design with this weft, then move on to some other yarns that will hopefully provide more contrast.


neki desu said...

looking forward to the wet finished towel :)

neki desu

charlotte said...

What at lovely pattern! To me, it looks almost a bit Scandinavian...