Sunday, May 24, 2009

Towels Chugging Along

I finished #7 and #8 today. I'm trying to limit myself to just a few hours of weaving a day, to give my hand a chance to heal. Between the antibiotic and the anti-inflammatory, the pain and redness have decreased, but the joint is still enlarged. If after a week of drugs the situation hasn't improved, I'll have to go in for x-rays, so the doctor can see if something unusual is going on in there.

One good thing is that using the hand shuttle feels much more natural now. Back on the bicycle!

Towel #7 has a treadling that is almost identical to one of the two design lines in the threading. The effect is an interference pattern.

Towel #8 has long curved shapes in the treadling.


Laura said...

All I can say is gosh they are pretty! Hope your hand is better soon.



DD said...

Every towel is drop dead gorgeous. Fibre feast for the eyes.