Thursday, July 16, 2009

An Intermission, Then Water Scarf #3

When I finished weaving scarf #2 and all the warp ends that had had knots in 'em had been swapped back in, this is what the loom looked like:

It doesn't take as many film canisters in this case, because each canister anchors 2 or more threads. (When the film canisters hang off the back of the loom with replacement warp ends, each end has its own canister.) The band of white waste weft is the cutting line between two scarves, and there is about 5 inches of unwoven warp beyond that for the first fringe of the next scarf. Once I've woven the first couple of inches of that scarf, I can cut the film canisters off because the interlacement of the cloth is sufficient to anchor the warp ends securely.

Here's a look at the first 200 picks of scarf #3, using a dark greenish navy weft and one of my all-time favorite treadlings:


Laura said...

It's interesting how many ways the theads can be interlaced and how different each combination can look. I, too, have favourite treadlings that I apply to various twills and am constantly amazed and delighted by how the pattern develops.

Your water series scarves are a treat for the eyes. Well, all your scarves are! :)


DD said...

Ah, never thought of weaving in a cutting line between scarves. Thanks for that tip.

All your work is eye candy giving me a goal to aspire to. I love it and thanks for sharing.

neki desu said...

you make it hard picking a favorite

neki desu