Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Water Series Scarves #3 and #4

After a couple of days out of town, I finally got scarf #3 rolling back onto the cloth beam, so I can get a photo of more than a few inches of the pattern. The treadling makes ripples that start small, grow, then shrink again:

Scarf #4 is the one whose draft I posted here; I've now woven about 600 picks. The woven cloth has a different aspect ratio than the draft, because it's very warp-faced while the draft assumes that both warp thread and weft thread are the same size and density. That means the cloth elongates the draft warp-wise. Here's what the cloth looks like if the camera is above the cloth, looking down:

If I change the camera angle so I'm looking at the cloth from in front of the breast beam, it looks quite different:

Gotta love the hologram effect!


Laura said...

oh, oh, oh - you temptress you! :)



Benita said...

I have a curious question. Are you related to Steve Rude, the comic book artist?

Alice said...

The different views are fascinating. I'm wondering if these scarves will appear in yet another way after they are wet finished, and draped on a model. It would be interesting to compare a picture on a model with the scarves under tension on the loom.