Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Scarf #2 Woven

Finally finished Water Scarf #2. The knots slowed the process quite a lot; 12 film canisters hanging off the back of the loom when I finished. Fortunately, the overlaps will vanish completely in finishing, and nobody will be the wiser. Here's how the scarf looks as it winds onto the cloth storage beam:

I love the way the design lines interact in this draft.

I've swapped the warp ends that had knots in them back in, at the cutting line between this scarf and the next. However, there are more knots approaching behind the heddles, so the battle is not yet won.


neki desu said...

i too love the interaction of the lines
would make a lovely animation :)

Inge said...

This design is so beautiful. I am now experimenting with interleaved design lines and it seems that you have to try a lot of designs before beeing happy. So far I haven't made one I would like to weave, but I am learning during the process.
Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and for beeing such a inspirator.

Deanna said...

These are exquisite!!! Would you ever consider doing a program for the San Diego guild?!