Monday, July 13, 2009

Water Scarf #2, and More Views of #1

Here are a couple of shots of scarf #2. As you can see, I'm still dealing with lots of knots. Five so far, in only about 600 picks of weaving. You can see the pin holding the replacement end, and in the shot from the side, the knotted end it's replacing.

And here's another look at #1, down under the loom. I'm always amazed at how different the cloth looks from different angles. From the back of the loom looking along the length of the cloth, I see long swoopy curves; from the side, I see egg-shaped ovals.

Yesterday, while weaving the last few inches of #1 and starting on #2, I had a humidifier running right next to the loom. No static making the weft misbehave. Hooray! However, it's quite hot - mid-90s (F) outside - and the extra humidity made the studio feel like a sauna! Oh well, I guess I'd rather sweat a little than deal with static electricity.


Laura said...

Oh well, sweating for your art is better than bleeding? :^)

The scarves are absolutely gorgeous. You're tempting me to try more moire effects - something I've avoided up until now. :}



Beryl Moody said...

I've got the dehumidifier running almost constantly in the studio these days. Something that I never thought would happen living in the Sierra foothills -- it is usually so dry. But I agree -- the humidity is preferable to the static electicity!