Monday, August 10, 2009

The Hologram Effect

All the scarves are now washed, pressed, tagged, and inventoried. Before packing them up to take to the ACC show, I wanted to photograph at least one of them for posterity - since hopefully they won't come home with me again!

The hologram effect that is produced by the interleaved threadings is most pronounced in the scarf shown below. Both photos are the same piece. Really. I didn't move the scarf at all or the camera more than an inch or so between shots. The main difference between the two pictures is the angle of the light.

In the first shot, without flash, the origin of the light is the windows beyond the fringe end of the scarf.

In the second shot, with flash, the origin of the light is of course the camera, at the near end of the scarf.

Alice wished for shots of the scarf on a model, showing this hologram effect, but things are kinda too busy right now to enlist the next-door-neighbors' teenage daughers for a photo shoot, so this will have to do. Imagine wearing this scarf draped simply over your shoulders. As you move in the light, the cloth will change. Sometimes one design will appear, sometimes the other. Really.

Tomorrow we're packing up the van and driving to Napa for a couple of days. On Thursday, we set up the booth at ACC, and the show is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If there are wonderful things to see (always the case at ACC) that I'm allowed to photograph (not always the case), I'll try to post again before getting home next Monday.

I hope to see a few familiar faces at the show!


Alice said...

Good luck at the show. The photos are very instructive, even without a model! I hope these beautiful scarves find a new home.

Blossom Merz said...

I'll be getting to the show at opening time to make sure I can see this. I don't think it'll last an hour on the table...

It's just amazing!

Deanna said...

Amazing, and lovely!

Hope you have a successful show and a very fun time at ACC.

Stef said...

Sweet! Stop posting such great thing or I might have to get a bigger loom. This is stunning.
Can you post pictures of people fighting over who gets which scarf at the show? ;-)

kathyinozarks said...

Just gorgeous! Kathyinozarks

Benita said...

Well, that is just to freakin' cool!! I love optical illusions and getting something like that in fabric is even better!