Monday, August 03, 2009

Lap Wars

You may have heard of the Opium Wars, and the Carpet Wars. Around this house, we have Lap Wars.

It's been Tim's habit for all his life (3 years) to spend the evening in my lap, getting his quota of brushing (necessary on his long coat) and general attention. Gracie usually spends the evening in DH's lap - in short bursts, because she times out pretty quickly. Either he pays too much attention to the laptop and not enough to her, or he doesn't pet her the way she likes, or [insert finicky cat excuse here].

Recently, she decided that she deserves what Tim gets, so if he hops down to cool off or get a snack, Gracie jumps down from DH's lap and makes a bee-line for mine. As long as Tim is in possession of the lap, it's his. There's not room for two cats anyway, so Gracie has to wait her turn.

The other evening, Gracie didn't want to wait until Tim vacated. The minute I put my feet up on the footstool, thus creating more "lap" room, up she came.

That's easily 25 lbs of cat-in-the-lap. As you can see from the second picture, Tim wasn't thrilled about sharing, but he's gentlemanly enough to put up with Gracie's shenanigans.

The yellow cloth, by the way, is there to collect cat hair. I can usually brush as much hair off the cloth as off the cats...


Laura said...

Good thing you've got long legs! ;)


Cally said...

In Glasgow it was the ice cream wars, but it looks as though yours are being more graciously - if grudgingly - resolved.

Bev said...

Sandra, this is too funny. I know EXACTLY what you meant by Lap Wars before I even saw the picture. I have 11 cats, 4 of whom are about 4 month old kittens. They are getting pretty big, but they *still* try to all get in my lap when I'm at the computer. If I'm in a regular chair, with my feet up, they manage to do just that.

neki desu said...

Catsandra?? :)