Tuesday, October 13, 2009

California's "Other" Season

That would be the rainy season, which marks the end of the potential fire season. We've only had about .001 inch of rain since April, and now that it's October, the first real rain of the autumn is upon us. Almost an inch so far today. Here's the grey, wet view out the front door, looking over our front lawn and the gravel drive to the utility shed behind the house, over the (invisibly below grade) road, and past our neighbors' homes to the hills beyond.

Gracie doesn't remember rain. Last winter she was an indoor cat, and the fraction of an inch during the summer fell at night when she was inside. She's discovered that she doesn't like rain. She tried every door in the house this morning, hoping to find one that wasn't wet outside. No luck. So she's retreated to her nest on a dining chair, like a little cave under the dining table, looking grumpy.

She assumes it's all our fault. "Why are you doing this to me?????"

Tim, on the other hand, must have known it was coming. Yesterday was dry, although grey, but Tim spent the entire day indoors, very unusual for him. He's learned to be philosophical about bad weather, and just finds a quiet corner to nap away the day.


Connie Rose said...

Gracie's really beautiful! That is her, right? It rained like the dickens here this morning, now it's beautiful, blue sky with puffy clouds!

Anonymous said...

I love that optimism! We only have one door, but that doesn't mean it hasn't stopped raining in the 10 seconds since Phoebus last looked...