Friday, October 16, 2009

Finished Wood Parts Returned to AVL

We're back home after delivering the finished wood parts back to AVL, followed by a visit to my sister to meet her new Standard Poodle puppy. What a sweet dog! I'd love to have one, but I know Tim would never forgive me. As it is, every time I visit someone who has a dog, when I get home Tim sniffs "Where have you been, and who were you hanging out with !?!?!"

Gracie would probably adjust, but Tim? Never.

At the AVL factory, we got a glimpse of the Jacq3G loom that is in the production queue ahead of mine. It's being built for a customer in Taiwan. It's a larger frame (60 inches?) but I don't know how many jacquard modules, or what other features it will have.

If by any chance the purchaser in Taiwan reads this blog, I would love to learn more about how the loom will be configured, and what it will be used for.

I'm thinking about starting a Yahoo group for Jacq3G owners. If anyone else among my readers owns one, or knows a weaver who does, please have them get in touch if they are interested in joining a user group. You can contact me at "sandra at 3springshandworks dot com".

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Laura said...

The excitement builds. :D