Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And Here We Go!

Last week, before we left for the show, I did a little bit of test weaving. I kept a marker nearby, and drew circles around all the lifting errors I spotted. You can see them clearly if you click the image to display the larger version:

Today, after I finished doing the bookkeeping for the show, I went up to the studio and wove some more. There are still some errors, but fewer of them. I'm hoping that with a little more debugging, these will be resolved.

If you look carefully above the letter "E," you'll spot some floats longer than should be present in a 5-end satin. Contrary to what the weaving says, this is really a Beginning, not an End at all!


Laura said...

How wonderfully exciting - the end of the year coming up and the beginning of a relationship with your new loom.


Theresa said...

How exciting. Okay, I'm wowed that you can write words in the weaving in a pretty nifty font.

Deb Mc said...

ah, you make me feel so much better about the floats in my 5 end satin that I am trying to fix! good luck with yours!

neki desu said...

ooohhh! we're in business here albeit the long floats.