Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Pendleton Rugs, Redux

Remember the rugs I wove using Pendleton selvedges? The shaggy selvedges I thought were COTTON? The ones described here?

Ha! They're WOOL! Tthe selvedges came off the mill floor, and then sat in bags in my closet for years, so today I washed them. This coming weekend is our last show of the season, and I wanted to have the two rugs ready to sell. What a shock I had when I took the first one out of the washer and went to plop it into the dryer.

No shag. Just woolly fuzz. Fulled, not quite felted fuzz.

And after its trip through the dryer, the rug had deposited an astonishing amount of loose fluff in the dryer lint trap.

Actually, I prefer the rugs this way. Very soft and cushy under the feet. This cloth is as stable as anything - it's so thick you couldn't poke through it with anything less than a knife.

The KPFA Craft and Music Fair is this weekend, Concourse Center, 8th & Brannan, San Francisco, 10 to 6 Saturday and Sunday. If you need a nice, thick rug, do drop by. Even if you don't need a rug, it's always fun to see familiar faces.


neki desu said...

those happy accidents make life much more interesting!

Stef said...

Oh thank you, you made my day. If someone experienced as you can get confused with fiber it's not so bad anymore that what I bought for cotton is actually linen.
Those rugs look tasty, if I were any closer I'd be tempted to get one for the bedroom, digging toes into warm wool is so much better than the cold floor to motivate me to get up.