Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Mother of Invention

Or in this case, the father.

DH fiddled with several options for covers for the temple rollers. His motivation increased significantly just before we left for the holidays, because in the process of grabbing for a diving shuttle, I managed to scrape some serious gashes on my right hand. Ouch. (Of course, that isn't what I actually said; and there were a lot of verbal exclamation points on the end of the exclamation. Plus copious quantities of antibiotic ointment and a bandage on the hand.)

After experimenting with the PVC pipe idea, he settled on this simple, elegant design:

An extra-large, see-through pill bottle, with the bottom and about a third of the cylinder intact, plus a hole drilled in the bottom that fits over the bolt holding the temple roller in place.

Works like a charm. How nice to have such a handy guy around the house!


Alice said...

Prettiest loom fix I have ever seen! The amber color is a nice touch, too. Congrats to the ultra-cool inventor.

Laura said...

Nothing like bleeding for your craft. :(

Hope you heal well and great fix for the loom.


Janet said...

Nifty fix!


trish said...

What a great loom fix...and what a great DH! Wish I had one...both the DH and the temple :) Do you know if such a temple would work on a regular floor loom like a Colonial (LeClerc)?