Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Te Ito Ori Ri, Again

In a format that will become a book:

This weaving will be folded accordion style, so it has a blank front cover, 4 pages of kanji characters, and a blank back cover. The structures are easy, simple ones - 2/2 broken twill for the top and side borders, and 1/3 and 3/1 broken twill for pattern and ground. This warp is sett at 24 epi, and the 4-end twills are much more appropriate than the 5-end satins I have used on the earlier part of the warp.

This panel wove off with only 2 tiny lifting errors - almost invisible, but they'll be needle-woven into perfection before wet finishing.

Come to think of it, I should create another copy that says "Handwoven" in English on the front cover and maybe a small "Te Ito Ori Ri" on the back cover. Or vice versa. I'll have to see if there's enough warp left. I figure I'm down to about 2 yards behind the heddles, and to leave enough to tie on the next warp, I'll probably be able to weave a yard more or possibly a yard and a half before declaring the warp finished.

Of course, my head is already buzzing with ideas for the next warp...

I cannot express how satisfying it is to watch each pick settle into place, creating designs that I could never do on the dobby loom except with pickup. And as I commented to Deb McClintock recently, I don't do pickup, period. This is going to be a wonderfully exciting journey.

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