Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Working Out the Bugs

Another afternoon spent trying to persuade errant hooks to behave. Oddly, the hardest thing for this loom (any loom?) to do correctly is plain weave. When I ask it to weave structures with longer floats (3/1 twill, 4/1 satin, for example) it seems much happier to comply.

Many of my readers have expressed interest in what will be woven on this inaugural warp. Unfortunately for you, I've committed to weave a project that's kind of hush-hush, so I won't be showing pictures of part of the warp. Sorry!

How about this in the meantime:

These are the Japanese characters Te, Ito, Ori, and Ri, which together translate as "handwoven." The characters were kindly drawn by Neki in Barcelona, using brush, ink, and paper, then scanned and emailed to me. I've interpreted the characters in 4/1 and 1/4 satin.They will be woven on this warp as soon as I've satisfied myself that all those thousands of moving parts are operating as expected.

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neki desu said...

nothing like 3rd person viewing
gosh that ori looks as if it had too much sake!