Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Aspen Grove

A few years ago, DH attended an annual woodturners' conference in Provo, Utah. During a break in the busy schedule, he and a couple of other guys drove a scenic loop up in the mountains to the east of Provo, and found a wonderful aspen grove. DH took a couple of pictures, one of which I really love:

After indexing to 9 colors (7 shades of grey and 2 shades of green) the image looks like this:

And now I've started weaving it, using many of the structures in the blanket that shows below the start of the actual weaving:

Hot damn! It actually looks kinda like the original image! After all, aspens are all about shades of white-to-black, with greenery in the forest floor and the foliage.

Because all the 7 shades of grey can be woven with one shuttle, and the 2 shades of green with one shuttle, it's pretty quick weaving.

Now if only I didn't have to worry about what electromechanical aspects of the loom would start acting up next, I'd be *really* happy.

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neki desu said...

wohoo! more! more! :)