Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Aspen Grove

Today I'm chugging along on the aspen grove, and am now a bit more than 2/3 done:

As always, click the image to see the larger version. and you can check yesterday's post for an image of the original photo for reference.

I'd be further along, but we spent part of the afternoon shopping for exciting things like the hardware necessary to construct deer-proof fencing.

When we moved into the house in 2008, there was only a small patch of lawn and a pitiful few foundation plants against the front of the house. We'd like to start landscaping, because last year we were under drought restrictions (no new plantings, period). This year the huge amount of rain we've gotten has changed all that, so we've started planting. Unfortunately, anything young and tender is deer candy (even the plants described as deer-proof - maybe they're not as tasty once they mature but they're candy when young), so we need to put up some 7-foot fencing to redirect the deer on their traditional route through the property. Fencing isn't thrilling, but it's necessary. Hopefully, it's a task that only needs doing once...


Lynn Smetko said...

It looks amazing Sandra!

Ruth said...

The aspen grove is lovely, Sandra. Bring it with you to CW in July so we can see/touch/etc.

Connie Rose said...

The woven aspens are awesome, Sandra. Reading your post, I realize I had a dream last night about gardening -- moving bulbs and other plants from one place to another! Maybe it's a good sign!

Janet said...

Lovely! Makes me think of spring--it can't come soon enough.

Our deer fence has collapsed from the weight of the snow in in a couple of spots. Fortunately nearly all accessible vegetation is well buried in nearly 40" of snow.