Monday, February 01, 2010

Next Up Is...

...another version of the lion. This time, I indexed the photo (originally posted here) to 9 shades of grey, intending to weave it in 10-end satin. Woven on a warp of 20/2 mercerized cotton, this gives a lot more detail than the 5-end satin version, and the look is much more high-resolution.

Here is the weaving on the loom, nearly completed. A certain amount of single-pixel detail gets lost in the process of filling with structures, but enough remains:

Sorry about the color balance - the combination of halogen and flourescent lighting really confuses the camera! the warp is black, and the weft is 60/2 silk in a sort of dark ivory color that isn't as pink as this photo would indicate.

And here are closeups of the eye and ear, and the chin. Click to see the full-sized image. Love those whiskers and eyebrows!

The chicken was well-received, although I had to tell the recipient she couldn't take it home with her. I'll do the requisite needle-weaving repairs, wet-finish and press the piece, and turn down hems (including a rod pocket at the top). When that's all done, I'll send it to her.

My sister got an IOU for the lion, with a full-color printout of the original photo. She'll get the weaving as soon as it's finished.


Laura said...

Amazing detail. Wow!


neki desu said...

someone is really having fun!

Lynn said...

He's so beautiful! Great job.

Connie Rose said...

Totally awesome, Sandra!

Deanna said...

Remarkable! Astonishing! And just downright lovely!

Alice said...

Nice Kitty :-) Good to see you up and running.