Saturday, February 20, 2010

Samitum Sample

After some fine-tuning by DH, the loom began to behave nicely, so I started to weave the samitum sample.

There was a false start of about 1/4 inch, during which the auto-advance on the loom wasn't letting the wefts pack in closely enough, and then things started to look more like I expected.

There are 3 wefts: green, fuchsia, and black. Area 1, on the left, is green alone on the face, and area 2, to its right, is green and black on the face in equal portion. Likewise, area 3 is fuchsia alone and area 4 (the rightmost) is fuchsia and black on the face equally. The ground is black by itself on the face.

Oddly enough, the black seems to intensify the green while dulling the fuchsia. Must be my eyes, more sensitive to one hue than the other. I have an image in mind that wants to be woven with 2 shades of green and 2 shades of fuchsia, plus black, so this is getting close to what I want the structure to do. It may take a slightly thicker yarn for the black to darken the green and fuchsia as much as I want, but that should be fairly easy to accomplish.

In other news, I've made a discovery. It IS possible to dry skeins of yarn in the tumble dryer! Don't laugh, I know most other dyers have figured this out, but if you have a fixed shelf that fits into the dryer you can lay the skeins on the shelf and let the drum circulate merrily around 'em without tumbling the skeins. Damp, cool weather isn't usually a problem in California, but we're back to the El Nino rain pattern again so having a boost for drying yarn is A Good Thing.


Laura said...

I'm seeing the same thing in terms of the green/black, pink/black.

I'd love to have one of those shelves for the dryer!


Sandra Rude said...

Laura, you have a handy husband. If your dryer has a lint-filter opening at the bottom of the door area, it ought to be possible (no, easy!) to rig something that would fit into the lint-filter opening and extend into the center of the dryer. That's how this shelf is designed, after all.

Benita said...

You know, I keep seeing people making use of those dryer racks and I'm going to have to get one. I wonder how it would do with drying a newly washed fleece? We keep our house pretty cool and it takes about two days for a fleece to dry, and that is in the warmest room. Hmmm.... :)