Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weaving Trees, Again

This time it's dogwood. The original photo, taken by my sister, is this:

I worked with it in Photoshop with the intent of weaving it in black and white using shaded satins, but it wasn't terribly exciting. I even wove a smallish swatch of that version on one of many trips to Chico to test drive the jacquard loom:

However, the warp and weft were 10/2 cotton, and I didn't care for the effect - too blocky. I wanted smaller pixels!

So I've done more tweaking in Photoshop, and am weaving it again as weft-backed satin based on 8-end satin, using two wefts, one white and one green, and am much happier with the results:

This version uses the same structures and yarns as the aspen grove (shown here).

I'm also working more on the samitum project (on the computer, that is) making files that use other variations of the structure to see if I can get closer to the effect I want.

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Laura said...

Wow! What a difference putting the green in makes! Of course dogwoods are special to me - it's the official tree of BC. :)