Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Autumn Leaves

Today, DH and I spent some time putting the loom through its paces, and decided not to replace any hooks at this time. Some tweaking had them at least pretending to behave, so we left it like that.

I started weaving by doing another bottom hem (with signature), but instead of weaving a 2-weft weft-back satin using the colors that I would use in the piece itself, I substituted black for one of the colors. One hook (about 1/3 of the way in from the left) was misbehaving at first, but then decided to be cooperative.

Here, I've woven the hem, then 2 picks of black as fold line marker, plus about 400 picks of the piece. The wefts are the same coral-red 30/2 silk that I used in the red maple leaves piece, and a gold commercially dyed 20/2 rayon.

Some 1400 picks later (plus hems) I finished the piece, wove 2 picks in black as fold line marker, and started the top hem (which is the same as the bottom hem, without the sig):

And here's a closeup view, showing some of the structures. Gold with black tends to make the eye see green; green plus red makes brown. It's all happening in your brain, not the cloth!


Laura said...

You're getting some really interesting effects with the colour blending. :)


kathyinozarks said...


Benita said...

That leafe just pops! You have to be having a blast doing these and watching them come to life.