Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Oak Tree

The next piece on the warp is based on a picture of a leafless oak tree in winter. The photo was taken in Grant Park, which is on the east side of San Jose (near where we used to live) part way up to the observatory at the top of Mt. Hamilton.

The two wefts are 20/2 mercerized cotton, one a sort of dull tangerine orange, the other a light blue. Where they appear equally on the surface, in the darkest areas where the black warp is dominant, the eye sees dark brown. Otherwise, when each hue is dominant on the surface, the eye sees various shades of blue or light brown.

Here's a close-up, with some of the structures apparent in the color blend.


Dianne Dudfield said...

Each art work is more and more amazing, I'm loving seeing it progress.

Connie Rose said...

Just amazing, Sandra!

Laura said...

Amazing optical effects in the colour blending. :)


Alice said...

So beautiful. Your jacquard department is well and truly launched!