Tuesday, March 02, 2010


The last full piece on the warp is based on a picture of a juniper bough, taken last summer (or maybe the summer before) at the cabin in Montana.

There weren't yarn leftovers with enough yardage for the wefts in the right yellow-green or a warm tan, so I sampled a combination of dull green and dark brown wefts, but didn't like the result. Back into the stash again, where I found a green with a blue cast and a red-brown, almost burgundy. This I like much better because the red and green complements really pop. The image is a bit dark, but I'm thinking of using it for a cushion cover for the living room sofa, and I don't want it too bright.

Once this is done, there are a few inches of warp left for samples, then it's time to cut off and beam the next warp.


neki desu said...

very elegant color combination, sort of old venetian masters.

Shorty said...

I am in awe of your fabulous works. I could only hope to have your talent. Thanks for sharing it with us.