Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Samples on the Last Bit of Warp

The warp is now cut off the loom, and the pieces are stitched to prevent fraying, cut apart, washed and pressed. Next up is hemming them and attaching a hanging pocket so they're ready to display and photograph.

Here's a preview of what might be on the next warp, in the form of samples woven on the last few inches of the warp:

The lower sample is a closeup image of a hydrangea bloom. I will need to dye some yarn for the main weft. This blue is not violet enough for hydrangea. In the first inch of the sample, the highlight weft was a light, dull gold; in the second inch, a bright, vivid gold. Both rayon. I haven't decided which will work best with a violet main weft.

The upper sample is an image of coleus leaves. I've been debating using samitum with 3 wefts, and wove samples of that structure earlier. This sample uses the yarns dyed for the piece, but in weft-backed satins based on 8-end shaded satins with 2 wefts. I like this better than the samitum sample and can't wait to weave the whole piece!

However, that must wait for a while. First, I need to beam a new warp on the jacquard loom. Second, I have a show coming up in 10 days to get ready for. And third, I need to put a warp on the 24-shaft loom to weave some scarves for the feather series, which is getting low in inventory count. Then, once I start weaving on the jacquard again, I have a backlog of images of trees and leaves to complete the tree series. All in good time...

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Julia said...

I really love this sample! wondering what it would look like as a finished piece- abstracted photographic segments that are broken up by solid segments, mixing realistic and abstract... inspiring!