Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I was wishing for a way to store the jacquard pieces in a hanging position so they don't get crumpled by folding or wrapping around tubes. DH the handyperson made me a rack that is fixed to the wall with a couple of screws (it won't have to support much weight!) and has dowels at about 8-inch intervals. The rack is painted to match the wall, and is just perfect for its intended function:

That wall gets no direct sun, so I don't need to worry about fading. The hangings occupy 3 dowels each. I found that it's best to have the hanging thread go straight up from the hanging rod. If there's only a single centered suspension point, the thread wants to slide toward the middle and makes a crimp in the edges of the top hem. I can overlap the pieces to make room for more.

The coleus, barely visible on the right of the photo, have found a new home. They'll soon be on their way to Pat in the UK.


Laura said...

Great idea. :)


Jenny Bellairs said...

I like your hanging idea, Sandra. I may borrow it for my studio.

Diane said...

Sandra your weavings made me want to cry they are so beautiful. ( I love the arch image, even if you are not happy with it. I am inspired to do a felt project based on your picture of the weavings hanging in your studio. A kind of collage thing with my nuno images. Do you mind if I copy your photo for future reference. I would love to use the arch photo too if possible. I won't use either without your permission.