Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back from CNCH

The conference closed this afternoon at 4:00 pm, and vendors were allowed to load out at 4:30. Because we only had display equipment and inventory to pack back into the van - the pipe-and-drape booth walls were supplied by the conference - we were in the van ready to leave for home by 5:30. The predicted heavy rain didn't make a mess of the load-out process, for which we all were very grateful. A brief stop along the way for a quick supper, and we were home by 8:30.

I took photos of a few of the jacquard pieces that were too long to show in one shot while on the loom. Here's the Alhambra piece, which went home with Katie (who is an Italophile and thinks it looks more like a villa in Tuscany - hey, that's fine by me!):

And the autumn leaves, which might be my favorite of all the ones I've woven to date. It just glows in good lighting:

Lots of visitors to the booth really loved the coleus, but nobody adopted that one. However, Aspen I went to a good home, and so did the golden maple leaves. I think of them like puppies and kittens - you want them to belong to somebody who will love and appreciate them.

I didn't see the Fashion Show, but I heard the next day that Tien's wedding ensemble was the star of the evening. Not only that, the ensemble was awarded Best of Show garment by the judges, quite rightly because not only was the weaving excellent but also the tailoring and embellishment were exquisite. If you don't follow Tien's blog, you should - troll back through the past months and see the project in all its stages of production. Here's just one shot I took; there are lots more on her most recent blog post, along with pictures of other items in the gallery exhibits.

All in all, a good conference. I was able to reconnect with a lot of the members of my weaving guild in that area, folks I haven't seen much of in the two years since we moved away, and made new friends among the California weaving community. And after a slow start, the sales were good. We ended the day with a nice big sale: the last customer in the booth bought $400 in wood pieces from Mike - long live economic recovery!


neki desu said...

so you're coming over to visit aren't you?

Ann said...

It was great to meet up with you again, Sandra! We definitely don't see enough of you these days. I will have to take Nancy up on her offer of a visit to Morro Bay and see your new studio.