Tuesday, May 04, 2010

More Aspens, and a New Weave Blanket

After finishing the image of the avenue of trees in France, I wove another version of the aspen grove. This time, I made sure there was more green in the mix and less grey. I think I'll be happier with this one. This photo is the view under the loom, where the lighting is not optimal and using the camera flash just washes out the color altogether. I'll post another picture once the warp is cut off the loom (not for a while yet!) and wet-finished.

I'm contemplating weaving some designs that call for 3 weft colors, after weaving a lot with just 2 weft colors. So I spent some time designing a family of structures based on 10-end shaded satins with 3 weft systems. To help debug the structures, I designed and wove a weave blanket that had swatches of most of the combinations that I'm likely to use:

If you click the image to enlarge it, you'll be more likely to be able to read the text at the bottom of the image, which describes the structures in each swatch.

The floats on the face of the cloth in the 9/1 swatches are a little too long, so I think I'll make another set of structures based on 9-end satins, and also try a set based on 8-end satins, and weave more blankets. The rest of the warp will be used for Tien's wedding banner and 1 or 2 more pieces using 8-end satins with 2 wefts. I've decided that the next warp will be much longer, to minimize the tying-on process!


Laura said...

Longer is definitely better, especially when you weave as much as you do! :D

The new aspens look really nice even on the loom.


Kaisu said...


i would like to leave little footprint of me here for now. I am new in San Francisco Bay Area and i heard from neki you live close to here. I am very interested to communicate more with you about textiles and so on.


Alice said...

Nice palette.

Sandra Rude said...

kaisu, you can reach me by email at "sandra at 3springshandworks dot com" any time. I'm not in the Bay Area exactly, but rather 2.5 hours by car south.

neki desu said...

so exciting. all those cool photos that can be woven.and the color interactions!!!