Sunday, May 02, 2010

Weaving Again

The jacquard loom is operational again, after having all the hooks replaced on all the modules, and one entire module replaced, and lots of tinkering and tweaking. I've woven another image of aspen trees, and started the image of the chateau in France seen down a long avenue of autumn trees.

I'm not sure the orange weft is the right color - it should be brighter. But I wove a couple of picks with a brighter orange, and promptly unwove them because I thought the color looked garish. Oh well, I can always weave another version later using a different weft. The blue-grey is about right, though.

The loom seems to be much more reliable, but AVL plans to replace one more module next week, so I'm reserving judgement until all the modifications are complete. Fortunately, the module can be replaced without impacting the threading, by unhooking the heddles from the module, removing the module and installing the new one, and reconnecting the heddles. Given that there are 120 heddles per module, it's a fiddly task!

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