Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunset Oak

...or maybe Sunrise Oak?

In either case, here's the original image after reducing to 10 colors - which I allocated to 3 blues, 4 golds, 2 mixtures thereof (1 med light, 1 med dark) and black (or as close to black as the 2-weft satin allows).

The weft colors I chose from the stash are bright (no, blinding!) gold, and a medium blue-violet (a much less saturated hue). Here's the lower part of the woven version:

And the upper part:

I'm really liking this one. The colors blend nicely to interesting hues. It's just 3 yarn colors, but looks like lots more.

So that's the end of this warp. In the picture below, you can see the knots on the ends of the sections. I've got just about the right amount of length left for the tying-on process.

You can also see the reverse of Tien's wedding banner, plus the reverse of the last of the weave blankets I wove to test for 3-weft satins.

I'm looking forward to wet-finishing the weave blankets so I can decide which version (8-end, 9-end-, or 10-end satin) to use for the next batch of pieces, which will use 3 weft colors in rotation. I'm also looking forward to finishing and hemming the wedding banner, so I can send it off to Tien in plenty of time before the wedding.


Lynn Majidimehr said...

Love your tree, the colors are wonderful and a combination I wouldn't have thought about using for that project. I've also just realized your signature is upside down because it would be right side up in the hem - such a great idea!

neki desu said...

the colors sparkle.and those little knots are like soldiers in formation(?) waiting for a new destination