Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Hemming and Fringeing and Ironing, Oh My!

Until the show in Santa Monica on the weekend of June 11-13, my tasks are to twiddle fringes on the 5 scarves of the recent Feather Series warp, and hem and make hanging rods for the pieces that came from the last jacquard warp. Not terribly exciting activities, and not much to post about, except the finished piece showing Aunt Aileen with my sister and me:

Aileen is destined to become a booth sample, along with a new flyer I've created to advertise the "Woven Portraits" service that I plan to offer. As soon as details are finalized, I'll post a PDF copy of the flyer on the website and post a link to it here.

Then as soon as all the scarves are fringed, washed, and pressed, and the jacquard pieces are hemmed and hung, I'll have a photo shoot day. The application deadlines for some of the bigger shows are coming up this summer, so I need to have some images ready to include with applications.

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neki desu said...

although i do not envy your hemming and fringing i do envy this lovely portrait of sisterly love with an aunt.