Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What Fun!

I've been to several very interesting seminars. Many of them were on topics that aren't directly related to what I do, but since I was waitlisted for so long, they were what was available. No problem - I always figure that I'll learn something in any seminar I attend. It might be something the instructor says or does, or something a fellow student says or does, or even a color inspiration based on upholstery!

Two of the more fascinating seminars were presented by Stacey Harvey Brown and Sara von Trescow. Stacey's talk was about texture, and how to achieve it in cloth. She covered a variety of techniques, and showed a multitude of samples, including these:

Sara talked about fan (or ondule) reeds, and showed a video and a slide show on the subject, with ample samples. She also had a table loom for us to try weaving on:

The slides she showed of work done with fan reeds was really fascinating. Not something I'm going to run out and try, but very interesting to see.

As the leader of the CW Jacquard Study Group, I was gratified at the number of interested people who attended the study group meeting. We gained 5 or 6 new members, which is terrific.

This is the last day of CW - this afternoon we're moving to a different hotel next to the Convention Center for Convergence. The fun continues!


Annette D. Robitaille said...

Thank you
I am moving to Convergence with you ....!!!!!!
Annette DR Ile d'Orleans

SeabeeMom said...

Can't make Convergence this year but hoping for the next one!!! Any idea where the next one will be held??

neki desu said...

do keep reporting please.