Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The fashion show didn't offer any opportunities to take photos. That's because those of us who were modelling garments were made to queue up outside the ballroom, in the corridor. I didn't want to be carrying the camera with me on the "runway" so I'm afraid I didn't even take any photos of my fellow weavers while in the corridor. You'll have to take my word that there were some absolutely stunning things to see and admire!

After the fashion show Alice Schlein presented the surprise event, which was an animation based on woven panels, entitled Weave!

The 4-minute video includes some wonderful sequences, among which the following are snapshots of a few:

Within a few days, the video will be placed online where everyone can view it. As soon as that happens, I'll post the location so you can enjoy it as much as the audience did - there were giggles, oohs and aahs in abundance.

After the video, we unveiled a display of the actual woven panels, and more oohs and aahs were heard.

Each weaver on the team wove one or more sequences, all different, so the variety was very interesting. We all had a lot of fun working on the project. After I get my pieces back home, I'll post pictures of the panels.

In the meantime, CW continues, and soon my brain will be completely overloaded with new ideas and information. More later!

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