Monday, August 02, 2010

A Rose Is A Rose...

Today was a very productive day. I wove a rose that I can almost smell, and part of a sunflower. I'm really happy with both of them! It was a day in which (after a few hardware issues were dealt with) I was able to get into a good, even rhythm and just chug along without thinking about anything except clean selvedges, and simply enjoying the images coming to life thread by thread.

By the time I'd started the sunflower, Benita's Three Pines were visible under the loom:

I'll definitely weave this one again, as I feel I haven't really done it justice yet. There isn't enough difference between the white and the light grey-blue, and the detail of distant farm buildings at the horizon is nearly lost. I do like, though, that you can see where the horizontal snow has whitened the upwind side of each tree trunk. At least that detail didn't get lost!

With every project I weave on this loom, I learn something. Usually it's got to do with color choices. Every thread placed in the web is a lesson in color theory and its application.


Laura said...

The rose is lovely but the sunflower looks amazing! So glad to hear the loom is behaving. :)

neki desu said...

hail to those blissful days♪♫