Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Progress on Several Fronts

The last scarf on the Fire Series warp is now woven, the warp is cut off, the scarves cut apart, and the fringes of one scarf are twisted. Two more to go, and I can wash and press these babies, and take some photos. They're gonna be absolutely fabulous after wet finishing! Lots of iridescence on each of them. Photos to follow in a few days.

After more work today on the jacquard loom by AVL's lead engineer, it looks like we've conquered the worst of the lifting errors. Whoopee! 

Once the engineers (both AVL's and the resident one) had finished their work, I was able to make more progress on the sunflower:

While they were working, I twisted fringe and dyed some skeins of weft yarns, so it wasn't wasted time, it just wasn't weaving time.

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neki desu said...

good to hear the wonky lifts got conquered.