Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wood Scarves 4 and 5

Weaving goes much faster with only one shuttle! I managed to finish #4 in the series, and get 800 picks into #5.

Here's #4 heading to the cloth beam:

The treadling is a sort of random wiggly networked twill line, which makes an interesting wood-grain pattern.

Here's #5. Pattern? What pattern? I don't see no stinkin' pattern!

The design is virtually invisible from straight on. If I walk around to the side, however, "Oh, that pattern!"

The treadling is big advancing zigzags, and the weft is a pale peachy pink. I forget what wood the dye came from; I'll have to dredge it up out of the archives so I can label the piece appropriately. For the Wood Scarves, I add an extra tag that lists the woods from which the dyes were extracted.

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