Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cutting Off Warps

There are two reasons I cut off a warp - either I've woven to the bitter end, or a deadline makes it necessary to cut off even when there's still warp left on the loom.

This weekend, I had two goals: finish the Wood Series scarves on the 24-shaft loom, and cut off the woven pieces on the jacquard loom. Mission accomplished! We've got the Contemporary Craft Market show coming up next weekend (November 5-7) in Santa Monica, California, so between now and departure on the 4th, I'll be hemming and fringing like mad.

In the case of the 24-shaft loom, it was a case of the bitter end:

At that point, with scarf #5 rolling onto the cloth beam, the pattern is visible:

I cut off the 5 scarves, and piled them onto the ironing board in preparation for cutting them apart and beginning the fringe-twisting process:

They're in order from left to right, so you can see the progression of weft colors (although you can't see much of the patterns). Each is different, both in hue and in treadling sequence. I'm looking forward to getting the fringes done so I can wet-finish them.

In the case of the jacquard loom, it's the deadline that makes cutting off necessary (or desirable, depending how you look at it). Pictures to follow...


neki desu said...

the scarves look metallic! aztec gold, old gold, copper, gunmetal ohhh!

Julia Lines said...

I am loving these scarves! Can't wait to see them wet finished.