Saturday, October 16, 2010

Woven Space

Here's a peek at the first 400 picks of the Wizard Nebula weaving:

I'm nearly half-way in the design. At this point, I'm reserving judgement until after the cloth is cut off the loom and wet finished.

I like that the bright blue flecks of the stars show up, but I think perhaps the blue should have been a slightly paler shade. And the bright yellow could be a bit more to the gold, because where it mixes with the black warp there's a little too much of a green cast. The "safety" orange is about right...

In any case, as Laura says, "It isn't finished until it's wet finished." At which point maybe the fat lady sings, and maybe not.


Laura Fry said...

I like so far - but cameras and monitors can skew the colours. Keeping fingers crossed you like the end result. :)


DebMC said...

Nice, I predict with a spotlight on it the colors will pop, maybe mount on a black enamel paint board to give it depth.