Sunday, December 19, 2010

Back to the Jacquard Loom, and More Trees

I'm on holiday from towels for a while :-)

Back in November, I posted these images of California Sycamore trees, saying they'd be on the loom soon. Well, soon didn't come very quickly, but it's finally here.

I managed to weave over 1200 picks, and took two photos during that time. Here's the first 650 or so picks:

By the end of the afternoon I was at pick 1150 or thereabouts:

The images look much darker than the cloth is in person. It's been raining nonstop here (over 5 inches since Thursday night) so the light in the studio is somewhat dimmer than usual. And these were taken with the camera flash on!

The only problem is that the cool, damp weather is making my hands (and knees, etc.) ache, so I'm not inclined to weave more than this every day.

I'm still working with a rheumatologist (the local gout guru) to fine-tune an array of meds that should stop the gout from getting worse. Unfortunately, once the joints are damaged, there's no repair possible, although you can prevent future attacks. Fortunately, my new cardiologist says one of the heart meds I've been taking that aggravates gout isn't really necessary. I can substitute fish oil capsules to lower triglycerides, and take Niaspan off my daily list. Hooray! We're making progress of the positive kind!


Connie Rose said...

I'm sorry to hear about your medical issues, Sandra, but it does sound like things are moving in the right direction for you. I love your tree weavings!
Happy Holidays!

Laura Fry said...

Keeping fingers crossed health issues get resolved in the new year.


neki desu said...

best wishes for a speedy resolution of health issues.